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Descent into Classicism: Glenn Clark

July 25 @ 10:00 am September 17 @ 5:00 pm

Descent into Classicism: Glenn Clark

Exhibition on view from July 25 – September 17

Artist statement:

When I was young, I dreamed and schemed of creating neo-classical paintings.  There are a lot of ducks one must put in a row before mural size classical themed paintings can develop.  Fifteen years ago, I took a couple years off my regular practice to build a studio and that opened the gate of possibilities.

I always get there it just takes me longer.  Beyond the space and gumption, an artist needs the reason, finances, imagery, time, ambition and lots of practice to create this type of work.  After visiting the Louvre in 2016 there was a jolt, my paintings would look to the past for guidance. It finally all came together and I suspect this descent is turning into something more akin to a spiral.  

It always seemed to me that classical artists from previous centuries had better props to work with; horses, armor, castles and archaic ruins. I needed new models to push ahead and a photo shoot at a jousting event in Osoyoos was perfect to get started.

What drives an artist; is it the fear of death? The love for life and art are interconnected. When you look at centuries old work you sense a window into the past, a connection, a message or warning through this time hole called a painting. You see how things were, the humor, mood, fashion, cruelty of the time. It’s like the artists were reaching out through a one-way portal to the future, never wanting to let go, hanging on through their art. 

Timing is everything and it’s a good time for artists to take cues from the eighteenth century and beyond when art famously rebelled against the status quo.  People are consistent, history repeats.  Neo-classicism, the art of the time of the French Revolution, arguably the most important chapter in the history of modern civilization; the perfect art for a time of upheaval. All these influences; art history, my own history, and the current events that are making history.  You throw that in a studio with yours truly and this is what shakes out.

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3228 31st Ave
Vernon, British Columbia V1T2H3 Canada
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