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Accidentals: Robert Fee

May 23 @ 10:00 am July 17 @ 5:00 pm

Accidentals: Robert Fee

Exhibition on view from May 23 – July 17

Artist statement:

The title of the show “Accidentals” refers to the musical term indicating a temporary shift in a musical composition. Once the key of a song is established, an instrumentalist reading the music will encounter a note has been made sharp or flat for that bar and they must adjust. Then the music will default back to the original key for the subsequent bars, until the composer creates another shift somewhere else. At first this temporary change may be a mystery to the individual player, but to the composer there is underlying meaning; a change in the harmony, or a different scale with a particular sound. What might have seemed a random change always has a purposeful intention. The accidental always adds more tension, drama, and interest to the piece.

With these paintings, I gather structures randomly, as you would with a collage, and I start creating parameters and set a course for the work. At first, the paintings seem to be about something unintended; mostly from imagery I gravitate towards but not knowing where it will fit into the work. Some of the strangest references that I choose do seem like random accidentals; not knowing how they will relate to the whole. Often, I’ll find a phrase or image that materializes out of simple curiosity.

I engage with the visual challenge, integrating and editing the accidental imagery into the painting. A quiet interaction takes place between the images, their potential subtext and my brushwork and colour palette. The compositions involve a process that channels energy around and throughout. The process of additions and revisions repeats until ultimately the composition appears resolved. I like discovering beauty or humour that may reveal itself in this process. The paintings involve some free association, which probably also involves my own psychology, but I hope these connections have some universal resonance.

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3228 31st Ave
Vernon, British Columbia V1T2H3 Canada
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